Why Horseback Riding Likes Girls More

Little Amazons. Sporty, sensitive, decided. And above all many, more numerous than males. They are the girls who choose the horse-riding: a small army that is peacefully conquering the horse-riding. In the numerical relationship the female dominance jumps to the eyes, just hear the Insiders: “In the class to which I am lecturing, on 10 females there is only one male,” says Elisa Galiano, 32 years, federal instructor of 2 level and holder with brother Stefano of the Equestrian center La Meriggia in Milan. The ratio, Galiano estimate, is 90% in favor of the girls. The same “registered” at the Montemar Equestrian Center in Rome.

But what’s behind the numbers?

The sensibility, dare Sara Persico, instructor Engea and owner of the Roman Center: “That of the girls is not greater, but different: males tend more to do” group “and prefer team sports, females are tenacious, and riding is a sport Challenging both physical and head. ‘ At the horse-riding club Trieste, however, the scissor is reduced: “Sixty and Forty — they calculate — but always in favor of the females.”

Sensitivity, for sure. Propensity to care and love for animals. And a pinch of emulation of the many heroines on horseback flocking to the old and new fables: “Films and cartoons have an effect — confirms Elisa Galiano — but then it is the sport in itself that conquers the girls.” It begins so, to be like the rebellious Princess Merida riding her faithful Angus. Then you continue. “Until a certain age there is no greater predisposition of females than males,” known Chiara Parenti, educator and, with Gianni prawns, creator of the method «Cavalgiocare». «Often-clarifies-we approach the horses because pushed by the parents and for the females the alternatives to do outdoor sports are less numerous than for the males».

The differentiation, continues relatives, arrives later, around 10 years, and is visible above all in the approach to the horse: “Girls are more attentive, mature, their way of approaching the animal is sweeter and calmer, even the mode of movement is more calm.” A soft approach that pays off, creating between horse and Cavallerizza a solid understanding. “Even if — note Galiano — at the start the females are more, then in the transition to the competition to proceed are more the males.”

Not always: Costanza Smootha, Perugina, gold medal at Ponyadi 2012, at age 13 is the champion in charge of endurance, a discipline that is rooted in the long rides of the Pony Express of the Far West. Constance is a daughter of art — her father Gianluca has been a team world champion in 2005 — and is part of the Fuchsia team of Italy’s endurance, a girls-only squad. Began at 4 years, on the pony Lola:

«An innate passion — tells Mother Simona —. Riding has changed the character, having to share the races with another thinking head has made it safer and take care of the horse has responsibility». Constance trains every day, both in the saddle and in the gym, where he exercises rhythmic gymnastics. What about school? “I’ll be back from the talks with the professors: he has the average of 8.”

For those who do not compete the commitment can be limited to one or two days a week. At what age do you begin? Usually it starts at 4 years, on the ponies, to move towards the 9 to the horse. The approach is gradual: “We address first to the vault, preparatory to classical riding,” explains Sara Persico —: a kind of artistic gymnastics made on the horse on the move, without saddle, held by the instructor, alone or in two on the same horse ». The goal is to develop balance and dexterity. For the very small more than a sport is a game: “Children work as a team, make movement on the ground, run with the pony and attack the Mane wing to get accustomed to the loss of balance — explains Valeria Gambogi, 37 years, of the center natural riding San Rossore A Pisa: To see itself is truly spectacular».

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