Useful Tips for Choosing a Bed

Rest is sacred and dutiful; Woe to begin a day that was not preceded by serene dreams! And to sleep well you have to trust on a comfortable mattress and a furniture that allows us to be comfortable. Starting from the bed, whose style, shape and color must be the line with the living environment and in tune with our personal taste.

Not only that! Climbing and descending the stairs, physical efforts of various kinds, changes of altitude, subject our physical stress from the fact of having to counteract the magnet effect of the force of gravity.

The element where to find new energy is therefore a bed suitable to properly accept our body and to protect it during the different phases of sleep, in order to avoid other stresses due to wrong postures.

But which beds are to be preferred and of what dimensions do we need, so that the rest and the positioning of them in the domestic environment, does not turn into a series of unpleasant episodes for our daily life and for our body?

Choosing the quality for our rest is already a good way to ensure optimal sleep. The purchase of a handcrafted bed like Santambrogio padded beds is an important choice that will accompany us in time thanks to the durability of the product.

It is also good to have a number of fundamental concepts in mind.

The size and parts of the bed

The bed is designed to accommodate a maximum of two people under normal conditions, and by virtue of this must have some minimum requirements; The size of the beds must comply with the minimums that for the double beds consist of a width not less than 1.70 MT and a length of 2.00 mt, with a bed-height including mattress between 50 and 60 cm.

The size of the single beds is usually standard; These must have a width of not less than 80 cm and a length of about 2 Mt; The same rules are valid for the height of the double beds.

In this regard, it should be pointed out that even if there are in the market furnishings defined as beds with smaller measures than those described, they cannot be considered adequate for a prolonged and effective night stay from the point of view of wellbeing Physical returned during sleep.

Another element to consider in the structural composition of the bed are the head and the tread, with variable measurements in relation to the type and style of the bed.

After having listed fundamental concepts and elements related to the standard use and size of the beds, in order to be able to choose with awareness the most suitable type for our needs, it is necessary to dwell on the different characteristics of Mentioned elements and the consequences that these choices bring to our person.

The height of the bed is very important in when you should not forget that the bed needs to be better governed to keep it in order and to guarantee the right hygiene that it needs.

Very low beds are extremely uncomfortable to clean in every part. Even if today with the modern articulated electric brooms it is possible in theory to reach every corner of the part underneath the bed, it is still inconvenient to carry out this operation.

It is equally awkward to make and unmake a bed that is lower than 45 cm, including the mattress. The horizontal plane of a bed is another element to be held in great consideration in the choice; It is good to avoid buying too rigid or too flexible nets, irrespective of the material they are made of.

Single and double bed structure

The specialized market of the sector, offers networks of all kinds in order to satisfy different needs: there are in fact fixed slats nets that are not extractable, adjustable staves networks characterized by the possibility of being able to extract the slats that support On guides can be adjusted and spaced as desired, folding stave nets that have the characteristic of allowing to relax but at the same time to read or watch TV in a comfortable way.

The latter can be folded according to the height that we want and are ideal for those who suffer from problems of blood circulation, walking and digestion.

The Nets can also be roller shutters, that is folding on themselves, allowing in this way to save a lot of space, their movement can be manual or mechanized according to the needs of the user.

From what has been stated, it is clear that the choice of the bed, besides being strictly linked to hygienic-sanitary and ergonomic reasons, is also dependent on the use that it makes of it in relation to the activity, the age and the conditions of health of the user.

Who has the habit of reading often in bed or seeing television or other, will have to consider the adoption of nets with mobile slats. Those who do not have the same economic possibility, but the same requirement as in the previous point, can choose a bed with a headboard more adaptable to the various positions to be assumed.

Who has an excessive weight, finally, or particular postural needs, due for example to diseases, it is appropriate that chooses a mobile slats in order to be able to replace them in case of breakage or to thicken or even thin in relation to their needs.

Single and double beds

The Santambrogio beds are made of non-toxic and natural materials and with the most modern characteristics related to product and manufacture.

The structures of the double beds are in solid wood or plywood in poplar and give the beds a truly unique solidity.
The manufacture is indestructible and the materials used for the coatings can be soft cottons or other types of fabric or leather, faux leather, velvet and even microfiber, for a guaranteed customization!

Even the Santambrogio single beds can have a multiplicity of upholstery, ranging from a vintage style to the classic, or even to the essentiality of modern lines; They are padded beds with non-allergenic, anti-mite and washable materials. In Both cases it is possible to equip the structure of a container drawer that adapts to various space requirements.

Housing Bed Structure

The choice of a container bed for home often helps to solve at least some part problems related to the lack of wardrobes and container spaces, thanks to the use of a surface, that below the bed, which would otherwise be unused.

The Santambrogio container beds are one of the strong points of the company also because of the practical ergonomic mechanism that determines a great simplicity of use.

In the line of the container beds, Santambrogio has really surpassed itself, realizing a perfect mix between the speed of lifting the net, the practicality of the bed itself and the artisan care of every minimum. Like all the upholstered beds of the company Brianzola the upholstery materials are of various nature but always and only of high quality: soft cottons, the upholstery in leather and faux leather.

Rollaway Beds for small spaces

Rollaway beds can be an optimal solution to solve increasingly recurring space problems in modern city apartments.
In an environment of reduced square footage, where the importance and skill of an interior decorator is able to optimize every corner, the Rollaway beds complete the look leaving the functionality of the room, thanks to a minimum encumbrance.

Rollaway beds have been too often bistrattati, or at least relegated to a band considered inferior compared to other more traditional types of bed.

In fact they are extremely functional since they can be installed everywhere: in a bedroom, in the living room or in an open space that needs more space.

Nothing is left to chance: starting from the staves, to move to the structures in solid wood until you reach the non-allergenic materials, and anti mite, becoming common characteristics in the creation of each model of rollaway bed.

Double bed Length: Santambrogio-size beds

To be fully satisfied with the quality and the way in which a bed structure interacts with the surrounding space should be able to count on the purchase of beds made to measure. Santambrogio, for the realization of the on the beds, uses the most modern techniques of workmanship and precious leathers.

Installed in a residential environment, these beds have the ability to create with it a relationship of great harmonic equilibrium, made of modernity and stylistic research that blends with the functionality to create a really interesting product!

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