Integrated Bedside Tables

When it comes to choosing the structure of your bed you need to have well in mind the characteristics on which you want to aim and the spatial/dimensional needs.

In fact, after choosing the network and the type of mattress, indispensable for the achievement of a high quality of rest, you go to select the structure of the bed aesthetically closer to your taste.

The offers on the market are so many that it is essential to focus only on certain types in order to have a more limited range of choices; There are, in fact, container beds, beds with exposed structure, with upholstered headboard, in fabric, leather or wood, Japanese-style beds, etc. In short, the choice is so wide that you are likely to get lost in the many offers of companies in the sector.

A further skimming on possible solutions can be made by choosing the bed in relation to the bedside tables, supporting structures and/or container indispensable to complete the conformation of one’s bedroom.

In the room that the bed is double, single or from a square and a half, it is very useful for the user the presence of bedside tables or anyway of support tops, if not essential to be able to put a book, of the magazines, a bottle of water, the alarm clock, or for To house the lighting, the phone, etc.

The bedside tables can be chosen in stylistic continuity with respect to the structure of the bed and the wardrobe, as well as of the possible dresser, then with the same finish and the same lines, or choosing of different typology, irrespective of the style chosen for your room: To recover old bedside tables and to restore them or to use simple shelves can constitute a solution in stark contrast between the structure of the bed and the bedside tables, or why not, even between bedside table and bedside table.

But there is a third possibility that makes it possible to make a single valid choice for both elements: the integrated bedside tables. These are shelves or containers integrated in the structure of the bed that, without continuity, is composed of headboard, structure and bedside tables. Let’s see some examples.

Bedside tables integrated into the bed structure

The first example we propose is that of Zada that with Morpheus has a bed composed of wooden structure with different possibilities of finishing, headboard with function of table and bedside tables made up of shelves attached to the structure. It is interesting to note that the headboard, very low, is completed by reclining headrest pillows that make the support soft and comfortable; Also in this case you can choose between an infinity of colors and materials.
The bedside tables, also available with integrated LEDs that help to make the structure very elegant, are attached to the structure and partially closed by the headboard itself.

The shape of the bed makes the structure very suitable also for free standing solutions.

Also Dielle Modus produces an interesting bed with support tops resulting from the headboard: Limbo is a very simple bed in the shapes, with the underlying structure open or with cabinet, whose headboard, in faux leather, envelops the bed to create two useful Support tops on both sides. Therefore, by equipping itself with underlying containers, it compensates for the absence of bedside tables with drawer, being satisfied with simple shelves with a great visual impact.

Also in this case, thanks to its structure, the bed can be resting on the wall or placed in the middle of the room.

In This example, instead, the bed needs a table of support: A further solution, also useful to decorate the wall behind the bed, is to make the headboard become a boiserie attached to the wall. An example is given by a Novamobili, padded bed combined with a wood paneling headboard in which are integrated the hanging bedside tables composed of table top and drawer. Also in this case for the padding you can choose from an infinity of finishes.

Even the single beds or a square and a half can have bedside tables integrated in the structure: an example is provided by bridges furnishings that proposes a room for children in laminate composed of bed with headboard and basic structure on which is inserted a bedside table. In this way the bed is resting, in the terminal portion, on the ground with metal feet and, in the portion under the headboard, on the laminate structure that acts as a shelf and as a housing for the bedside table.

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