How to Compose a Kitchen

The kitchen is nowadays the center of the house, is not considered more just as a place to cook food and prepare succulent dishes, is a meeting area with family, an area where to converse, watch TV, especially if it is associated with living in an open space.

The kitchen must be thought of as a comfortable place, where you can move freely without hindrance, have all that is essential to fulfill the functions: hob, oven, refrigerator, hood, volume of containers and shelves.

First of all, we need to realize the space available, the needs of users, if it is possible to make changes to increase the surface, if you want to introduce also living room furnishings, relaxation areas around the stove’s aggregate fire .

In the case of a restructuring, it is necessary to view the electrical, water and gas system already existing, so as to understand the feasibility of possible movements by means of traces in the wall, to place the appliances according to these details. Technicians not to ignore.

In the case of the kitchen design in a newly built apartment, you have to interface with the plumber and the electrician to verify the feasibility of what you want to achieve.

How to compose a kitchen

The design of a kitchen does not develop with simplicity since there are a number of members that must be assembled in a compact composition: it is advisable to rely on a technician in the field so as to be supported not only in aesthetic choices but above all In the organization of the volumes, in the choice of the materials and the lighting systems.

We begin therefore with the splashing of a kitchen plant in order to know the usable surface, to follow, the identification of elements that can be obstacle during the idealization, such as the presence of Windows or Windows doors, radiators.

The design example that will be described in this article starts from the willingness of the client to create a kitchen separated from the living room by a sliding door, a comfortable filter between the two rooms.

In a newly built apartment, therefore, it was decided to assign a space that is located beyond the living area and, in any case, a part of the day area, since the rest of the house is used for the night environment and the bathrooms, both master and service.

The plant develops according to the geometrical shape of a rectangle, the sliding door when it is open makes a glimpse of the central part of the room from the entrance of the house, then a window is present on the short side and still next to it there is Installing a radiator.

Several compositions were sketched and presented to the client, but the fixed points on which I concentrated to obtain a functional solution and corresponding to their personal desire were three. First, the installation a scenographic hood in correspondence of the sliding door, positioned in such a way as to be framed also in correspondence of the entrance.

Another specific request was the placement of the sink near the window, to relax during the washing of the dishes, as well as for a good distribution of natural light; Finally, the positioning of the refrigerator at a point that does not generate areas of shade, followed by a series of volume containers.

To meet these needs was the design of an L-shaped kitchen that occupied two sides and left two others free, for a comfortable passage and the introduction of a table or additional support surface.

Compose a kitchen

The kitchen designed in this newly built apartment consists of a series of modules so arranged: container, washbasin, dishwasher, stove and chest of drawers, oven and other containers, fridge area, still volume containers.

For the sizing of the modules we were interfaced with the managers of the company that would have taken care of the realization of the kitchen, an artisan reality specialized in the creation of customized kitchens, personalized on original projects and Always new, contextualized to the reference case.

The result has been faithful to the project inputs provided and this has shown that the more punctual the design the less problematic they present themselves in the phase of realization and assembly.

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