How to Choose Modular Libraries Based on Features And Pricing

Even in the digital age the bookstores have not lost their fascination. And they remain one of the most important and almost indispensable furnishing elements for the interior design of the house.

If once the imaginary of the library refers exclusively to the classic wall element relegated to the function of cataloging volumes, in recent years we are witnessing an evolution of the concept of library, more and more versatile and customization depending on your needs.

From simple furniture containers of books The bookcases have become a solution permeable to the aesthetics of the house and especially to the functions, which can be varied: from that of room divider to that of original decorative element and of design.

It will be that the size of the dwellings are increasingly reduced and that one seeks the extreme attention to detail, the fact is that the trend of the modular bookcases is always more in vogue. Being able to design a tailor-made bookcase that perfectly adapts to the environment and which is easily configurable through the addition of modules has become a prerogative in interior design.

The freedom of composition of the modular bookcases

The modularity of the modular bookcases guarantees ample composition freedom, thanks also to models proposed in different materials and styles, from the most traditional to the modern and minimalist, that satisfy all tastes.

If you are looking for some idea and solution to furnish your environments with modular bookcases, here is our selection of products that could meet your needs, style and even price.

Modular double-sided bookcases for dividing environments

More and more frequently we use the Bifacial libraries as elements to divide the environments and separate some areas of the house. In This, the modular versions allow to better manage the spaces, obtaining partitions that adapt perfectly to the specific needs.

The solutions can be different: you can opt for freestanding models in full height to create two distinct environments or choose much lower modules that give a feeling of separation but not clear.

Always in a perspective of extreme customization and search for solutions that best fit our taste and style of furnishings, the modular bookcases are distinguished by form and materials.

If we are looking for a flexible and forceful element in the room, we propose the Boogie Woogie by MAGIS, a modular bookcase that allows back-to-back compositions.

Available with or without bottom wall and with stackable and close-up modules to obtain different configurations, the bookcase designed by designer Stefano Giovannoni is ideal for those who love polymeric materials.

It is in fact made of ABS, also known by the trade name of Cycolac, in glossy red, white and black version.

We can include Boogie Woogie among the modular economic libraries, because, especially if we are looking for offers online, the single module does not cost more than 150 euros.

If you are looking for an extremely light and minimal element, take a look at Hudson of Carpi Italia, a steel day bookcase.

Also in this case, the modules are able to be combined for customizable configurations and separable. The price, however, is much higher than the previous proposal.

Price list is around 1500 euros but you will find discount online offers of at least a couple of hundred euros.

Modular Wall Bookcases

Modular bookcases can also be imagined as wall elements, where functionality is combined with aesthetic taste. The wall-mounted bookcases, if well configured, can become a real furnishing element, like paintings and prints, giving a sense of completeness and personality to the environment.

Suitable for those who love the simplicity of contemporary style, MEME DESIGN graft is a modular bookcase with a base module and interlocking shelves.

You can also mix different colors between the base module and the shelves for custom configurations. The single module costs around 300 euros.

Equally modern but more material (and more expensive) is Milano di Cantori spa.

The system of modern modular bookcases, to be hung on the wall, is made up of solid wood shelves, available in four different lengths and supports with one or two compartments for shelves, made of brushed brass or coated iron.

Depending on the configurations and inserts you can spend from 1000 to 2000 euros, using some discounted price from online retailers.

Modular bookcases: Play with full-empty effects

The evolution of the concept of library is strongly linked also to the functionality, which is no longer just that of solution to store only books but also objects, knick-knacks and various tools. And often the need is also to have a mobile container where not everything should be necessarily exposed.

An excellent solution can be that of modular bookcases with an alternation of full and empty, that is, containers per day and volumes closed by doors or windows, that if well calibrated can transform the bookcase not only in a functional cabinet but also as an element of Focal furnishings and able to give an interesting volume to the environment.

It combines these two functions with the net modular system of Lago Spa, consisting of a network of cubes of 40 cm per side that combine offering the opportunity to create a custom modular library.

The modular and flexible autobearing solution can act as a partition to separate the different areas of the house and create new ones. NET is an important and good-bill Composable Library and the price is in line with these features.

Extreme Versatility

Modularity rhymes with versatility. At extreme the concept of customization is Play Yet!, a day shelving system proposed by Smarin and designed by designer Stephanie Marin.

Composed of different elements in wood and cork, the modular bookcase can be assembled in a thousand ways to give life to compositions that are always different and adaptable to any environment and function.

Thought of as a kind of construction kit and assembled with great ease, the modular system can also provide cabins, benches, stools and tables. With the idea of creating a custom-made original environment inspired by the DIY concept.

Prices vary according to the compositions you want to make. On the company site are sold the individual pieces assembled, just take a look to get an idea of how much you could spend overall.

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