Garden Bench Ideas

Some will certainly remember some movies. To others, even more romantic, the Jardin du Luxenbourg and the eternal sweethearts of Raymond Peynet.

The fact is that the bench for the garden is a classic, that never abandons us. Ideal for resting in the shade of some big trees, it can be a solution to the classic sessions, even in a patio or on a terrace.

Among the products on the market, the shapes range from the more classic ones, in wood and wrought iron, to the more modern and technological ones, in new and resistant materials.

One of my favorites is the King bench, by Ethimo.

Classic lines and almost oriental geometries, characterize the structure, in varnished teak wood, which is inspired by a project of the architect Edwin Lutens, of the early twentieth century.

If you are for the color, you will surely like the delicate nuances of Teak and color, the series of furniture and benches from outside, always Ethimo.

Colours that bring to mind the characteristic places of the Italian landscape: Green Langhe, Blue Pantelleria white Ostuni that dress the precious teak of a timeless classic taste, for large and small environments.

Romantic Nothing Hill, the bench that is inspired by the famous session of the film with Julia Roberts a few years ago; A constant and inevitable element in the English gardens, in the parks and in the historical residences, the Notting Hill bench has all the durability of teak, both natural and with a pickled or varnished finish and the linear design perfectly adaptable.

Curious also the version kids, miniature for children.

Definitely more original and modern, Romeo & Juliet The outdoor bench created by designers Koen Baeyens, Stijn Goethals and Basile Graux of Studio Vyyey & Partners, for the Belgian company extremist.

Made using a series of 320 cm long wooden slats, it has the peculiarity of having, along the seat, two circular holes able to accommodate two large fiberglass jars with double function: support the structure and easily accommodate two trees or two Plants, even medium-sized.

It is in wood and/or corian instead, Tandem, the modern garden bench created by Thomas Sauvage for Ego Paris, the French company specializing in outdoor furnishings.

A bench that is part of an entire collection, characterized by a double cylindrical structure with backrests and tables, which can change the configuration to taste. The line that received the Reddot Deisgn Award in 2008, combines an aluminum part and a marine vinyl fabric, in the White Glacier teak or corian finishes.

Interesting, for color and lines, as well as for practicality, also the furnishings of Kartell’s outdoor line. Magic Hole, this is called, consists of armchair and sofa-bench, characterized by dry silhouette and colorful details.

A pocket in fact, with a flared shape, identifies these models, available in a ton sur ton version or in funny Fluo, orange or green colors.

Created by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet, the benches and chairs of the Magic Hole Garden are light and very durable and they also adapt well to terraces, verandas or public spaces.

Intense red and many other colors, however, for the wooden bench designed by Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens, which is part of the bench & Table Collection of the Belgian company FELD. Iroko, painted or lacquered, modeled for tables, seats and small benches, very resistant and particularly comfortable.

If you have a beautiful tree in the garden and want to enjoy the shade during the summer, you can also try a bench around the tree.

As well as comfortable, a teak bench could also serve to enhance a species just planted and maybe not quite grown. Interesting specimens can be found from the wooden garden, in the classic hexagonal shape, or still to be recovered, the shop of Forte dei Marmi (LU), specialized in outdoor furniture and decorations for the garden.

If you have limited budget, but want to give a new face to the bench or the old wooden furniture that you have in the garden, you can always change the color.

Just take the appropriate paints and choose the preferred shade.

First it is good to clean the surfaces on which you will go to act.

After you have also sanded them with a suitable sandpaper, it is better to first give a coat of primer, in order to have more security of fixing the color, and then pass the chosen color.

After a half day of drying, you can proceed with a second hand and finish with a fixative.

For a modern touch to our old bench, in addition to the color, it is possible to match or change the pillows and the textiles. Ethimo proposes interesting, including soft mats, very resistant, which soften and well adapt to the most rough seats.

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