Drawing a Kitchen

The lighting system could absolutely not be lacking in this space either to perform daily functions when the natural light comes less, and to harmonize the space.

Subwall spotlights have been introduced to illuminate the worktops, pendant lamps in the middle of the ceiling and then an articulated lighting design of really scenic led strips.

A plasterboard structure has been specially designed for this kitchen, in order to mask the passage of the fume pipe of the hood with direct exit outside and to create a luminous path with indirect light.

Cuts have been created that mark the L development of the kitchen, detail designed to insert the LED strips and not to show them either closely or when you move towards the entrance.

Kitchen project, the importance of the hood

The hood had to have a central role and the protagonist of the kitchen as it was placed centrally and clearly visible from the entrance of the house.

Today there are really many models, of different colors, with specifics to meet the needs of users and the volume of the room, the spatial conformation, needs also and especially of budget.

The choice was directed towards the SWEET hood of the Elica company, design by Fabrizio Crisa, a simple but effective appliance that goes down and widens, bends and defines a wall as if it were a sculpture.

It reminds a little of the tradition but it dresses the contemporary environment, it is in Techno-polymer and it is for this reason that it has been possible to obtain soft and continuous lines. A thin line in polished steel characterizes the perimeter suction system that allows to increase the speed of catching the cooking fumes.

The finishes are different: from opaque white to Matt Dove, ivory, Matt Copper effect, peltrox and cast iron effect; For this project has opted for the color white, neutral tone that exalts and neutralizes the wood texture of the laminate, the earth color of the top and the cream of the lining of the curtain.

The controls are touch control, the lighting is with strip led from 7W and 4000 ° K, the intensity range is 625 m³/H, the sound level corresponds to 65 DB (a), the absorption is 262 W, the energy class is B.

Also interesting is the VELA Hood RNS di Falmec spa, wall-mounted, characterized by a white tempered glass bottom, a top coat with white finish, silent technology, perimeter suction, touch push button with 24 h function, grease filter Metallic, excitable and washable, optional charcoal filter.

The kitchen environment is a very articulated space, each element must be able to stay in the right place, it must be functional and at the same time beautiful to see, as the same hood that must harmonize the kitchenette.

Nothing can be left to chance and each volume must be sized according to spatial needs and constructive necessities; Then important is to create an ad hoc plant network to operate the appliances or adapt the furniture to the electric and water system already present.

Only a shrewd design makes a kitchen a truly livable space, practical, beautiful to savor every day with its family.

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