Distances To Be Respected in Designing The Kitchen

In designing the kitchen, we keep in mind that the appliances must remain separate from each other, or from empty space, or from modules and portions of furniture:

  • A portion of the worktop, even a few inches, between hob and sink, is advisable
  • Oven, dishwasher and refrigerator (also possible washing machine) must be at least 60-80 cm away between them
  • The refrigerator must maintain a certain distance from the wall behind.

Floors, walls and tiles for the kitchen

Once we know for sure where the attacks of light, gas and water will be, and before deciding the style and the predominant colors of our kitchen, we need to get an idea of the coatings we want to have on the walls and on the floor. The kitchen floor can be realized in:

  • Cooked
  • Porcelain
  • Pvc

With the laying of tiles that can have different shapes and sizes. Even the shades of these materials are to be chosen according to the general idea that we want to give to the kitchen; Often the contrast is used: if the kitchen and the walls are clear, the floor will be dark, and vice versa. Otherwise you have to be careful to choose shades that will marry well together.

Also the kitchen floor can also be made with parquet, if this serves as a continuity solution for the rest of the house; But be careful to choose a parquet very resistant to water, moisture, scratches: the floor of the kitchen is often mistreated, just for the activities that take place in the kitchen.

As for the walls, we choose for them a shade or contrast or in color with the furniture of the kitchen that we intend to buy: generally in the kitchen with the colors you can dare, because it is a living environment; The colors of the kitchen give inspiration to those who prepare to eat and will be welcoming to guests who come to see it.

Choose Pastel tints If you are afraid to get bored with strong colors, the classic white if you prefer not to risk with the color and that you can still revive by choosing the finish of the doors of the furniture: white is suitable for every style and every type of kitchen.

If in designing the kitchen you have opted for a model with appliances in the centre, on the island or in the peninsula, you will not need a tiled wall; If, more traditionally, the appliances are aligned along one or more walls, these in the space above the top, will be coated, to protect them from moisture, water, condensation and heat; There are two ways to coat these portions of walls:

  • The classic tiles, to choose smooth, with designs, with colors suitable for the rest of the kitchen or in contrast, maybe identical to the tiles of the worktop, whether it is a kitchen in country style or traditional
  • Laminated panels, which apply very easily with special glues and can also take on very strong colors; Usually this second choice is made for the most modern style kitchens.

Kitchen Styles

At this point, even beginning to browse magazines, to look on the Internet or already the shop windows of shops, we can get an idea of the style of the kitchen we want, unless we chose a masonry composition. For all other types of cooking, you need to get an idea of the style and the general glance that you want to achieve with our composition. The styles to choose from vary depending on:

  • Materials used, which most characterize a kitchen
  • Colors or Essences
  • Design of household appliances
  • Lines and shapes with which the various elements are drawn

Based on the particular combination of these elements, we can have substantially some general styles of furnishings for the kitchen:

  • Country
    Otherwise called old-style: it is usually the style of the classic country kitchens, reminiscent of those in masonry, pastel or neutral colors.
  • Classic
    Typical of solid wood kitchens, with square and straight lines, with glass inserts and marble or similar worktops.
  • Modern
    Where lacquered and laminated with glossy or opaque colors even in very strong shades, they are mixed with sometimes curved lines, tempered glass and sometimes even steel, in modular and modular models.
  • Contemporary or futuristic or hi-tech
    Where the most modern technologies come into play, with doors entirely in glossy colored glass, in steel or with digital drawings, as well as equipped with high-performance hi-tech appliances.

There are also many other denominations, which can change from one brand to another, for even intermediate or hybrid styles, but the main ones are just described.

Transport and assembly of the kitchen

At the end of the long path taken to design the kitchen and buy the entire furniture, only more transport remains and its assembly. Always make sure, before buying a kitchen, that the company or shop we are choosing from, offer both services (transport and assembly) and whether they are included in the price of the kitchen or if they are to be considered apart.

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