Smart Guide with Clash Royale Tricks for All Beginners not to Miss

Clash Royale is a simple-looking game, but mastering all of its mechanics can take some time.

So let’s explain some basic notions and offer several tips for you to play in the best possible way in your future games.

The victory in Clash Royale depends on certain factors such as observation, patience, good knowledge of the game, luck and, above all, recognize the ideal time to carry out a move.

It is of vital importance to improve our game to know in detail two primordial elements that are present in all the Games: the towers and the Elixir.

The Towers

There are two types of towers in Clash Royale, and these are the king’s towers and the sand towers.

These two types of infrastructure are the key to winning the games.

The requirement to win is to have destroyed at least one tower more than the rival after the three minutes that lasts a standard game. That, or destroy the King’s Tower, which translates into an instant victory.

But trying to destroy the King’s Tower at all costs is not always the best strategy to follow.

Sometimes, depending on the type of deck we are using, it is better to move to the defensive after Derruir one of the enemy’s sand towers, since the king’s Tower is much more difficult to destroy – it has a 60% more life – and deals more damage to our troops.

By default, the King’s Tower is inactive at the beginning of the game.

Destroying a tower of the sand or attacking the King’s Tower will make this awaken from its lethargy to defend against our offensive.

Be careful, therefore, to damage the tower with area damage if what you’re trying to do is destroy a sand tower, as the slightest damage will make the king’s Tower come into action.
The Elixir

The Elixir is the fundamental resource of the game that allows us to invoke our recruits and cast spells.

In Clash Royale, the Elixir is used to perform any action, so its correct use is essential to win the games.

The amount of Elixir is measured by a violet-colored bar located at the bottom of the screen. This bar is filled automatically throughout the game, and has a maximum limit of 10 units.

Be patient

Although both players start the game with 6 units of Elixir, we should not make the mistake of using our cards just to start.

The most accurate will always be to wait for the bar to reach at least 9 units.

Why? Any worthy opponent will carry out this strategy, leaving us in the lurch if we spend the 6 Elixir points right at the start of the game. By having more elixir points, the enemy will be able to use more cards than us and easily counteract our first move.

Save some Elixir

A mistake that is often given among beginners, in addition to the above commented, is to use the whole Elixir at once.

Using multiple punch cards almost never ends well.

Let’s say we played three cards consuming 9 units of Elixir. Then, our enemy casts a spell that remains only 4 units of Elixir but is capable of fulminating all our troops.

What do we have left? An empty elixir bar and an unprotected base with which our opponent, with his half-full elixir bar, can play at his leisure.
Deck types

The gameplay of Clash Royale revolves around the decks, and like any good game of cards, the creation of the mallets is the primordial mechanics from which all the others are configured.

In the game of supercell are often recognized several prototypical models of deck, being the most recurrent the following.

The Beatdown deck

That we could quickly translate for something like “the bat deck.”

As its name suggests, this deck archetype sits on a clear maxim: attacking, attacking and attacking.

The strength of this type of deck resides in constant aggression by means of attack troops like the Golems, the prince, the Goblins or the hounds of lava.

Because these are decks with few spells on the deck – priority is given to troops with strong attack and moderate cost – the strategy to follow is always the same: the victory by brute force.

Although they are easy to create and play cards, they are also easy to counteract, and the cards with a more defensive approach will put them in trouble.

The control deck

This type of decks have a very specific use: resist the offensive of the enemy while we do light but constant damage.

But the fact that they are defensive decks does not mean that they do not have offensive capacity. In fact, to squeeze its full potential we will have to include in the deck cards of Chip damage.

This, the Chip, is a type of damage that despite being small, is inflicted in a way that is very difficult to avoid by the enemy, so it will end up destroying their towers later or earlier if the player rival does not manage to overcome your defense and end your Base.

Letters like the miner, the goblins with spear or discharge seem essential in this type of deck.

In addition, as the strategy will be to defend our base while slowly hurting the enemy’s tower, we must also add letters to protect our base. The most common is the Infernal Tower, which successfully repels the attacks by land and air.

The Siege Deck

The siege deck employs attack tactics from a distance to end the enemy base.

Unlike the beat down deck, the siege unit emphasizes immobile attack units such as mortar or crossbow, although they also like siege troops – whose attacks are concentrated in the enemy’s towers – such as the Ice golem or the giant.

Letters such as lightning or fireball are necessary to assist in the assault on the enemy’s base by ignoring the most basic attacking troops.

The main objective of this type of deck is to destroy the enemy base – in full, if possible – at all costs, even if it leads to neglecting the defenses of our base.

Hopefully, the enemy will try to destroy our most remote siege units, such as the crossbow and its wide range of attack, which will deter its troops from concentrating their attacks on our towers.
To compete

Whatever type of deck we use, the most important thing is to adapt to the game of the opposite.

It is inevitable that some of the decks share some advantage over others, as is the case in the vast majority of card games.

The control decks, for example, diminish the effectiveness of a beat down deck based on the constant attack by cheap troops.

That is why it is always advisable to keep an ace in the manga-never better-to get out of situations that we can not foresee. It is necessary to always have letters that allow us to defend ourselves from the air attacks, in addition to – as little – a couple of spells.

Discerning which card is most useful for a given occasion, managing our Elixir bar and quickly recognizing the type of opponent’s deck are the three basic principles to be controlled.

They are knowledge acquired through practice. More hours of play, more understanding of their mechanisms and intricacies, and with this knowledge, greater probability of victory in our games.

In short, getting acquainted with the different decks and memorizing the cards and their effects will allow us to strip ourselves of the beginner’s rank.

Design the Perfect Kitchen

This article explains the first steps to design the new kitchen for your home: from the choice of style, to the type of shapes and sizes, the kitchen before being chosen must be designed, with a real scheme. Also, the first thing to choose for the new kitchen are floors and backs, because they will be installed before the kitchen itself.

In this article you will find a general overview of materials, elements and features to evaluate and choose at the beginning when designing the kitchen for your home; It shows a small phase path, to understand from what to begin and how to proceed for the choice of the elements of this environment, path that will continue in the other two articles inherent.

Types of kitchen

First of all, we must take a first step forward with an effort of imagination: what type of kitchen do we want for our house? The answers can be basically four:

  • Masonry kitchen
  • To be ordered to measure
  • Modular Kitchen
  • To build on the needs of space and functionality
  • Kitchen with custom cut furniture
  • Kitchen freestanding
  • With free installation modules

Once you have decided the type of kitchen, we can have a first idea of the direction in which all our other choices will go.

How to compose the kitchen

The second step to be addressed in designing the kitchen, which to some might seem the last but instead it is of fundamental importance to make at the beginning, is that of the positioning of the elements of the kitchen itself, whether it is a composition Modular or freestanding or even customized.

In practice It is a matter of choosing which walls or spaces of the kitchen, to fill with the furniture, the modules and the appliances, and which instead leave free for other elements. At the base of this choice are three variables:

  • Space available. So the size of the kitchen, both in terms of surface, and in terms of the Cuban, as well as the shape of the room itself
  • Position of doors and windows. Space to consider not usable for the kitchen.
  • Position of sockets, connections and exhausts. Position of the current connections for all appliances and for the worktop, of the loading and unloading of the water (for the sink and, if necessary, for the dishwasher), of the gas connection for the hob, if chosen induction. The latter variable, in cases where it is possible to make complete renovation works or that the house is built starting from zero, could become a consequence, because if the space available for the kitchen is considerable, one could opt for The choice of a composition with islands or peninsulas, where appliances could be in the center and their attachments should be moved to the floor in correspondence.

Depending on these three variables, the possibilities to choose the composition of a kitchen are:

  • Linear
    Where all the furniture and appliances are aligned in the most agreeable order, along one single wall of the kitchen;
  • Two lines
    Where furniture and appliances are aligned along two parallel walls of the kitchen;
  • Corner
    So-called L-composition, where furniture and appliances are aligned along two adjoining walls of the kitchen;
  • Three lines
    So-called C-composition, where furniture and appliances are aligned along three adjoining walls of the kitchen
  • Islands and Peninsulas
    With islands and peninsulas, in which one of the previous combinations is added an island or a peninsula in the center, as an additional work surface or as a pantry or as an appliance block.

Design the Kitchen

Before proceeding with the search in the shops of a model that can be done for us or to go to order a composition to the carpenter or the Mason, you need to lay out a draft of the kitchen itself. Of course if we choose to entrust to an interior architect, the project will draw him, as a rule of art.

But if we want to do everything ourselves, because we can not afford an architect or do not want to consult, draw a draft project will be very useful, before leaving home.

With paper, pencil and ruler we draw a scale model of our local kitchen. The ratio we use as a scale for this map must be precise, in order to obtain the actual measurements during the purchase.

For example, we choose to match every real meter of the kitchen, one centimeter on the paper and remember to score apart from the overall height of the room (if the total space is small in fact, you can take advantage of the height with very high wall units, or if you This is an attic, you must have the height of the various areas of the kitchen to avoid the risk of buying furniture or appliances too high for that particular area).

After tracing the map of the kitchen, we mark exactly where the doors and windows are and how big they are. Finally we mark exactly where the electrical, water and gas attacks are located, if they are already present in the actual house plant.

At this point we draw a draft of the composition that we think can adapt to the elements at our disposal, taking care to mark where in our opinion should be placed the appliances and the various furniture.

Designing the Kitchen: Virtual instruments

On the internet there are several programs, such as Sweet Home 3D or Furnish, free or paid, to design the kitchen especially in reference to the positioning of the furnishings. They allow the virtual management of the whole house, then also of the kitchen, which is perhaps the most difficult area to think of the entire house. Some brands of kitchens, such as Snaidero or IKEA, provide proprietary software for the design of the kitchen.

As an alternative to paper and pencil, we can always use the virtual road, comfortable and versatile: it still saves us from continuous cancellations, which could make it difficult to continue the manual project.

Why Horseback Riding Likes Girls More

Little Amazons. Sporty, sensitive, decided. And above all many, more numerous than males. They are the girls who choose the horse-riding: a small army that is peacefully conquering the horse-riding. In the numerical relationship the female dominance jumps to the eyes, just hear the Insiders: “In the class to which I am lecturing, on 10 females there is only one male,” says Elisa Galiano, 32 years, federal instructor of 2 level and holder with brother Stefano of the Equestrian center La Meriggia in Milan. The ratio, Galiano estimate, is 90% in favor of the girls. The same “registered” at the Montemar Equestrian Center in Rome.

But what’s behind the numbers?

The sensibility, dare Sara Persico, instructor Engea and owner of the Roman Center: “That of the girls is not greater, but different: males tend more to do” group “and prefer team sports, females are tenacious, and riding is a sport Challenging both physical and head. ‘ At the horse-riding club Trieste, however, the scissor is reduced: “Sixty and Forty — they calculate — but always in favor of the females.”

Sensitivity, for sure. Propensity to care and love for animals. And a pinch of emulation of the many heroines on horseback flocking to the old and new fables: “Films and cartoons have an effect — confirms Elisa Galiano — but then it is the sport in itself that conquers the girls.” It begins so, to be like the rebellious Princess Merida riding her faithful Angus. Then you continue. “Until a certain age there is no greater predisposition of females than males,” known Chiara Parenti, educator and, with Gianni prawns, creator of the method «Cavalgiocare». «Often-clarifies-we approach the horses because pushed by the parents and for the females the alternatives to do outdoor sports are less numerous than for the males».

The differentiation, continues relatives, arrives later, around 10 years, and is visible above all in the approach to the horse: “Girls are more attentive, mature, their way of approaching the animal is sweeter and calmer, even the mode of movement is more calm.” A soft approach that pays off, creating between horse and Cavallerizza a solid understanding. “Even if — note Galiano — at the start the females are more, then in the transition to the competition to proceed are more the males.”

Not always: Costanza Smootha, Perugina, gold medal at Ponyadi 2012, at age 13 is the champion in charge of endurance, a discipline that is rooted in the long rides of the Pony Express of the Far West. Constance is a daughter of art — her father Gianluca has been a team world champion in 2005 — and is part of the Fuchsia team of Italy’s endurance, a girls-only squad. Began at 4 years, on the pony Lola:

«An innate passion — tells Mother Simona —. Riding has changed the character, having to share the races with another thinking head has made it safer and take care of the horse has responsibility». Constance trains every day, both in the saddle and in the gym, where he exercises rhythmic gymnastics. What about school? “I’ll be back from the talks with the professors: he has the average of 8.”

For those who do not compete the commitment can be limited to one or two days a week. At what age do you begin? Usually it starts at 4 years, on the ponies, to move towards the 9 to the horse. The approach is gradual: “We address first to the vault, preparatory to classical riding,” explains Sara Persico —: a kind of artistic gymnastics made on the horse on the move, without saddle, held by the instructor, alone or in two on the same horse ». The goal is to develop balance and dexterity. For the very small more than a sport is a game: “Children work as a team, make movement on the ground, run with the pony and attack the Mane wing to get accustomed to the loss of balance — explains Valeria Gambogi, 37 years, of the center natural riding San Rossore A Pisa: To see itself is truly spectacular».

Distances To Be Respected in Designing The Kitchen

In designing the kitchen, we keep in mind that the appliances must remain separate from each other, or from empty space, or from modules and portions of furniture:

  • A portion of the worktop, even a few inches, between hob and sink, is advisable
  • Oven, dishwasher and refrigerator (also possible washing machine) must be at least 60-80 cm away between them
  • The refrigerator must maintain a certain distance from the wall behind.

Floors, walls and tiles for the kitchen

Once we know for sure where the attacks of light, gas and water will be, and before deciding the style and the predominant colors of our kitchen, we need to get an idea of the coatings we want to have on the walls and on the floor. The kitchen floor can be realized in:

  • Cooked
  • Porcelain
  • Pvc

With the laying of tiles that can have different shapes and sizes. Even the shades of these materials are to be chosen according to the general idea that we want to give to the kitchen; Often the contrast is used: if the kitchen and the walls are clear, the floor will be dark, and vice versa. Otherwise you have to be careful to choose shades that will marry well together.

Also the kitchen floor can also be made with parquet, if this serves as a continuity solution for the rest of the house; But be careful to choose a parquet very resistant to water, moisture, scratches: the floor of the kitchen is often mistreated, just for the activities that take place in the kitchen.

As for the walls, we choose for them a shade or contrast or in color with the furniture of the kitchen that we intend to buy: generally in the kitchen with the colors you can dare, because it is a living environment; The colors of the kitchen give inspiration to those who prepare to eat and will be welcoming to guests who come to see it.

Choose Pastel tints If you are afraid to get bored with strong colors, the classic white if you prefer not to risk with the color and that you can still revive by choosing the finish of the doors of the furniture: white is suitable for every style and every type of kitchen.

If in designing the kitchen you have opted for a model with appliances in the centre, on the island or in the peninsula, you will not need a tiled wall; If, more traditionally, the appliances are aligned along one or more walls, these in the space above the top, will be coated, to protect them from moisture, water, condensation and heat; There are two ways to coat these portions of walls:

  • The classic tiles, to choose smooth, with designs, with colors suitable for the rest of the kitchen or in contrast, maybe identical to the tiles of the worktop, whether it is a kitchen in country style or traditional
  • Laminated panels, which apply very easily with special glues and can also take on very strong colors; Usually this second choice is made for the most modern style kitchens.

Kitchen Styles

At this point, even beginning to browse magazines, to look on the Internet or already the shop windows of shops, we can get an idea of the style of the kitchen we want, unless we chose a masonry composition. For all other types of cooking, you need to get an idea of the style and the general glance that you want to achieve with our composition. The styles to choose from vary depending on:

  • Materials used, which most characterize a kitchen
  • Colors or Essences
  • Design of household appliances
  • Lines and shapes with which the various elements are drawn

Based on the particular combination of these elements, we can have substantially some general styles of furnishings for the kitchen:

  • Country
    Otherwise called old-style: it is usually the style of the classic country kitchens, reminiscent of those in masonry, pastel or neutral colors.
  • Classic
    Typical of solid wood kitchens, with square and straight lines, with glass inserts and marble or similar worktops.
  • Modern
    Where lacquered and laminated with glossy or opaque colors even in very strong shades, they are mixed with sometimes curved lines, tempered glass and sometimes even steel, in modular and modular models.
  • Contemporary or futuristic or hi-tech
    Where the most modern technologies come into play, with doors entirely in glossy colored glass, in steel or with digital drawings, as well as equipped with high-performance hi-tech appliances.

There are also many other denominations, which can change from one brand to another, for even intermediate or hybrid styles, but the main ones are just described.

Transport and assembly of the kitchen

At the end of the long path taken to design the kitchen and buy the entire furniture, only more transport remains and its assembly. Always make sure, before buying a kitchen, that the company or shop we are choosing from, offer both services (transport and assembly) and whether they are included in the price of the kitchen or if they are to be considered apart.

Industrial Chic Style That Also Enchants Creatives

At its beginnings, industrial style was not considered enthusiastically by either the professionals or the public, but today it can be said that it has achieved success by transforming itself into a real trend.

Very different from both classical and modern environments, an industrial chic context is characterized by a sober but daring aesthetic at the same time and an atmosphere that, despite the look used and the presence of technical materials, is totally different from a simple rustic style.

To furnish a loft, a studio, but also an apartment according to the dictates of industrial interior design means to personalize and make it unique, in part exploiting the pre-existing characteristics of the architecture, in part playing with the typical materials of laboratories, warehouses and workshops: iron, glass, rubber, cement and bricks.

The result is to evoke the industrial context of the twentieth century, where design was flanked by productivity, transmitting an image of strength, elegance and functionality. In the industrial chic style The vintage pieces maintain their original appearance, the architectural environment is exalted in its more technical aspects and the physicality of the materials, from wood, to steel, to concrete, prevails over the refined finishes, which appear to be reduced to a minimum.

Original or retreaded industrial look environments

To create an industrial-style living environment, the ideal would be to enjoy an original architectural context. An old warehouse, a basement used in the past to workshop or laboratory, a small factory dismissed, can transform, with the addition of some comfort, in charming and innovative residential solutions, preserving the atmosphere characteristic of a technical and productive space.

For those who have the good fortune to have a similar structure, the first suggestion is to enhance and exalt to the maximum all the details that confirm its origins: rough bricks walls, beams and pipes on sight, columns and pillars, flooring in concrete, steel or rubber coverings, door frames and iron doors.

If technical instruments are still present, such as trolleys, shelves, hooks, safety scales, platforms, scales, the best solution is to keep them as they are, integrating possibly in the furnishing project, with the function of supports or complements.

If, on the contrary, the property of which you have is a traditional house and has no industrial origins, with a little ‘ inventiveness and precision will not be difficult to adapt, changing the style. In this respect, one can take into account that, among the signs of distinction of industrial architecture, there are the absence of walls, and the presence of large windows, skylights, lofts and gradients. If you want to divide the space into several sections, you can optionally use a shelving or an iron library.

The accessories and materials of the industrial chic furniture

In an industrial chic residential environment, the furnishing style must assimilate to that of a real production context, defined by an essential design and by raw but resistant materials.
Antique or modern pieces are allowed, but always distinguished by simple forms and technical materials, the ideal would be to choose objects of recovery, avoiding the traditional vintage style and the furniture too elaborate.

The most suitable materials for an industrial furnishing are, before any other, the metals: steel, but also iron, aluminum and non-shiny copper, avoiding the gilded finishes.
The wood must be treated with wax but not painted or lacquered, in order to leave visible the natural aesthetic details, the glass is often and dithered, to give light are suitable also the classic squares in glass.

For the flooring, the best choice is the cement, if it is not possible to use it, the most suitable alternative is the resin or an industrial technical material such as non-slip rubber with stamps. For those who prefer the wooden flooring, these must be made in large planks, avoiding the traditional parquet.

The walls are preferably lime and colored in a single tint, on the shades of light grey or sand, leaving visible, if present, the brick parts.

If, on the contrary, there are no exposed bricks, they can be reproduced using a special coating or, alternatively, decorate the wall with the installation of enameled iron or steel inserts. Stone origin uses the natural stone to create beautiful coatings that reproduce beautifully the aesthetics of a classic brick wall in sight, also in antique version.

Supporting columns, pillars and structural beams should be finished in concrete, while the pipes, air intakes, the air conditioner piping and any other technical element must be left conspicuous. To reproduce the aesthetics of the cement you can also use the wallpaper: the French producer Ugepa realizes beautiful wallpapers characterized by a realistic pattern with concrete effect.

The choice of furnishing elements

If the intent of an industrial style installation is to highlight details and technical components, beams, columns and metal structures of an environment, transforming them into an aesthetic value, even for the furnishing elements is worth the same rule.

The furniture must be simple, minimalist and free of luxurious finishes, exalting instead the constructive characteristics: bolts, screws, welds, cuts, deliberately rough varnishing. The aesthetics of the furniture in industrial style is limited to the essential aspect of the raw material and the elements of assembly, without the addition of accessories or decorations.

A living environment can be customized by pieces of actual industrial origin: a workshop bench, a drawer unit for typography, an iron shelf for laboratories.

On Amazon is available a wide choice of furnishing accessories in industrial style: shelves in colored steel, to be mounted quickly even without bolts with high-capacity wooden shelves, wooden and metal tables, chairs and iron stools Painted on fire or in natural wood and steel.

How to Compose a Kitchen

The kitchen is nowadays the center of the house, is not considered more just as a place to cook food and prepare succulent dishes, is a meeting area with family, an area where to converse, watch TV, especially if it is associated with living in an open space.

The kitchen must be thought of as a comfortable place, where you can move freely without hindrance, have all that is essential to fulfill the functions: hob, oven, refrigerator, hood, volume of containers and shelves.

First of all, we need to realize the space available, the needs of users, if it is possible to make changes to increase the surface, if you want to introduce also living room furnishings, relaxation areas around the stove’s aggregate fire .

In the case of a restructuring, it is necessary to view the electrical, water and gas system already existing, so as to understand the feasibility of possible movements by means of traces in the wall, to place the appliances according to these details. Technicians not to ignore.

In the case of the kitchen design in a newly built apartment, you have to interface with the plumber and the electrician to verify the feasibility of what you want to achieve.

How to compose a kitchen

The design of a kitchen does not develop with simplicity since there are a number of members that must be assembled in a compact composition: it is advisable to rely on a technician in the field so as to be supported not only in aesthetic choices but above all In the organization of the volumes, in the choice of the materials and the lighting systems.

We begin therefore with the splashing of a kitchen plant in order to know the usable surface, to follow, the identification of elements that can be obstacle during the idealization, such as the presence of Windows or Windows doors, radiators.

The design example that will be described in this article starts from the willingness of the client to create a kitchen separated from the living room by a sliding door, a comfortable filter between the two rooms.

In a newly built apartment, therefore, it was decided to assign a space that is located beyond the living area and, in any case, a part of the day area, since the rest of the house is used for the night environment and the bathrooms, both master and service.

The plant develops according to the geometrical shape of a rectangle, the sliding door when it is open makes a glimpse of the central part of the room from the entrance of the house, then a window is present on the short side and still next to it there is Installing a radiator.

Several compositions were sketched and presented to the client, but the fixed points on which I concentrated to obtain a functional solution and corresponding to their personal desire were three. First, the installation a scenographic hood in correspondence of the sliding door, positioned in such a way as to be framed also in correspondence of the entrance.

Another specific request was the placement of the sink near the window, to relax during the washing of the dishes, as well as for a good distribution of natural light; Finally, the positioning of the refrigerator at a point that does not generate areas of shade, followed by a series of volume containers.

To meet these needs was the design of an L-shaped kitchen that occupied two sides and left two others free, for a comfortable passage and the introduction of a table or additional support surface.

Compose a kitchen

The kitchen designed in this newly built apartment consists of a series of modules so arranged: container, washbasin, dishwasher, stove and chest of drawers, oven and other containers, fridge area, still volume containers.

For the sizing of the modules we were interfaced with the managers of the company that would have taken care of the realization of the kitchen, an artisan reality specialized in the creation of customized kitchens, personalized on original projects and Always new, contextualized to the reference case.

The result has been faithful to the project inputs provided and this has shown that the more punctual the design the less problematic they present themselves in the phase of realization and assembly.

Integrated Bedside Tables

When it comes to choosing the structure of your bed you need to have well in mind the characteristics on which you want to aim and the spatial/dimensional needs.

In fact, after choosing the network and the type of mattress, indispensable for the achievement of a high quality of rest, you go to select the structure of the bed aesthetically closer to your taste.

The offers on the market are so many that it is essential to focus only on certain types in order to have a more limited range of choices; There are, in fact, container beds, beds with exposed structure, with upholstered headboard, in fabric, leather or wood, Japanese-style beds, etc. In short, the choice is so wide that you are likely to get lost in the many offers of companies in the sector.

A further skimming on possible solutions can be made by choosing the bed in relation to the bedside tables, supporting structures and/or container indispensable to complete the conformation of one’s bedroom.

In the room that the bed is double, single or from a square and a half, it is very useful for the user the presence of bedside tables or anyway of support tops, if not essential to be able to put a book, of the magazines, a bottle of water, the alarm clock, or for To house the lighting, the phone, etc.

The bedside tables can be chosen in stylistic continuity with respect to the structure of the bed and the wardrobe, as well as of the possible dresser, then with the same finish and the same lines, or choosing of different typology, irrespective of the style chosen for your room: To recover old bedside tables and to restore them or to use simple shelves can constitute a solution in stark contrast between the structure of the bed and the bedside tables, or why not, even between bedside table and bedside table.

But there is a third possibility that makes it possible to make a single valid choice for both elements: the integrated bedside tables. These are shelves or containers integrated in the structure of the bed that, without continuity, is composed of headboard, structure and bedside tables. Let’s see some examples.

Bedside tables integrated into the bed structure

The first example we propose is that of Zada that with Morpheus has a bed composed of wooden structure with different possibilities of finishing, headboard with function of table and bedside tables made up of shelves attached to the structure. It is interesting to note that the headboard, very low, is completed by reclining headrest pillows that make the support soft and comfortable; Also in this case you can choose between an infinity of colors and materials.
The bedside tables, also available with integrated LEDs that help to make the structure very elegant, are attached to the structure and partially closed by the headboard itself.

The shape of the bed makes the structure very suitable also for free standing solutions.

Also Dielle Modus produces an interesting bed with support tops resulting from the headboard: Limbo is a very simple bed in the shapes, with the underlying structure open or with cabinet, whose headboard, in faux leather, envelops the bed to create two useful Support tops on both sides. Therefore, by equipping itself with underlying containers, it compensates for the absence of bedside tables with drawer, being satisfied with simple shelves with a great visual impact.

Also in this case, thanks to its structure, the bed can be resting on the wall or placed in the middle of the room.

In This example, instead, the bed needs a table of support: A further solution, also useful to decorate the wall behind the bed, is to make the headboard become a boiserie attached to the wall. An example is given by a Novamobili, padded bed combined with a wood paneling headboard in which are integrated the hanging bedside tables composed of table top and drawer. Also in this case for the padding you can choose from an infinity of finishes.

Even the single beds or a square and a half can have bedside tables integrated in the structure: an example is provided by bridges furnishings that proposes a room for children in laminate composed of bed with headboard and basic structure on which is inserted a bedside table. In this way the bed is resting, in the terminal portion, on the ground with metal feet and, in the portion under the headboard, on the laminate structure that acts as a shelf and as a housing for the bedside table.

How to Choose Modular Libraries Based on Features And Pricing

Even in the digital age the bookstores have not lost their fascination. And they remain one of the most important and almost indispensable furnishing elements for the interior design of the house.

If once the imaginary of the library refers exclusively to the classic wall element relegated to the function of cataloging volumes, in recent years we are witnessing an evolution of the concept of library, more and more versatile and customization depending on your needs.

From simple furniture containers of books The bookcases have become a solution permeable to the aesthetics of the house and especially to the functions, which can be varied: from that of room divider to that of original decorative element and of design.

It will be that the size of the dwellings are increasingly reduced and that one seeks the extreme attention to detail, the fact is that the trend of the modular bookcases is always more in vogue. Being able to design a tailor-made bookcase that perfectly adapts to the environment and which is easily configurable through the addition of modules has become a prerogative in interior design.

The freedom of composition of the modular bookcases

The modularity of the modular bookcases guarantees ample composition freedom, thanks also to models proposed in different materials and styles, from the most traditional to the modern and minimalist, that satisfy all tastes.

If you are looking for some idea and solution to furnish your environments with modular bookcases, here is our selection of products that could meet your needs, style and even price.

Modular double-sided bookcases for dividing environments

More and more frequently we use the Bifacial libraries as elements to divide the environments and separate some areas of the house. In This, the modular versions allow to better manage the spaces, obtaining partitions that adapt perfectly to the specific needs.

The solutions can be different: you can opt for freestanding models in full height to create two distinct environments or choose much lower modules that give a feeling of separation but not clear.

Always in a perspective of extreme customization and search for solutions that best fit our taste and style of furnishings, the modular bookcases are distinguished by form and materials.

If we are looking for a flexible and forceful element in the room, we propose the Boogie Woogie by MAGIS, a modular bookcase that allows back-to-back compositions.

Available with or without bottom wall and with stackable and close-up modules to obtain different configurations, the bookcase designed by designer Stefano Giovannoni is ideal for those who love polymeric materials.

It is in fact made of ABS, also known by the trade name of Cycolac, in glossy red, white and black version.

We can include Boogie Woogie among the modular economic libraries, because, especially if we are looking for offers online, the single module does not cost more than 150 euros.

If you are looking for an extremely light and minimal element, take a look at Hudson of Carpi Italia, a steel day bookcase.

Also in this case, the modules are able to be combined for customizable configurations and separable. The price, however, is much higher than the previous proposal.

Price list is around 1500 euros but you will find discount online offers of at least a couple of hundred euros.

Modular Wall Bookcases

Modular bookcases can also be imagined as wall elements, where functionality is combined with aesthetic taste. The wall-mounted bookcases, if well configured, can become a real furnishing element, like paintings and prints, giving a sense of completeness and personality to the environment.

Suitable for those who love the simplicity of contemporary style, MEME DESIGN graft is a modular bookcase with a base module and interlocking shelves.

You can also mix different colors between the base module and the shelves for custom configurations. The single module costs around 300 euros.

Equally modern but more material (and more expensive) is Milano di Cantori spa.

The system of modern modular bookcases, to be hung on the wall, is made up of solid wood shelves, available in four different lengths and supports with one or two compartments for shelves, made of brushed brass or coated iron.

Depending on the configurations and inserts you can spend from 1000 to 2000 euros, using some discounted price from online retailers.

Modular bookcases: Play with full-empty effects

The evolution of the concept of library is strongly linked also to the functionality, which is no longer just that of solution to store only books but also objects, knick-knacks and various tools. And often the need is also to have a mobile container where not everything should be necessarily exposed.

An excellent solution can be that of modular bookcases with an alternation of full and empty, that is, containers per day and volumes closed by doors or windows, that if well calibrated can transform the bookcase not only in a functional cabinet but also as an element of Focal furnishings and able to give an interesting volume to the environment.

It combines these two functions with the net modular system of Lago Spa, consisting of a network of cubes of 40 cm per side that combine offering the opportunity to create a custom modular library.

The modular and flexible autobearing solution can act as a partition to separate the different areas of the house and create new ones. NET is an important and good-bill Composable Library and the price is in line with these features.

Extreme Versatility

Modularity rhymes with versatility. At extreme the concept of customization is Play Yet!, a day shelving system proposed by Smarin and designed by designer Stephanie Marin.

Composed of different elements in wood and cork, the modular bookcase can be assembled in a thousand ways to give life to compositions that are always different and adaptable to any environment and function.

Thought of as a kind of construction kit and assembled with great ease, the modular system can also provide cabins, benches, stools and tables. With the idea of creating a custom-made original environment inspired by the DIY concept.

Prices vary according to the compositions you want to make. On the company site are sold the individual pieces assembled, just take a look to get an idea of how much you could spend overall.

Useful Tips for Choosing a Bed

Rest is sacred and dutiful; Woe to begin a day that was not preceded by serene dreams! And to sleep well you have to trust on a comfortable mattress and a furniture that allows us to be comfortable. Starting from the bed, whose style, shape and color must be the line with the living environment and in tune with our personal taste.

Not only that! Climbing and descending the stairs, physical efforts of various kinds, changes of altitude, subject our physical stress from the fact of having to counteract the magnet effect of the force of gravity.

The element where to find new energy is therefore a bed suitable to properly accept our body and to protect it during the different phases of sleep, in order to avoid other stresses due to wrong postures.

But which beds are to be preferred and of what dimensions do we need, so that the rest and the positioning of them in the domestic environment, does not turn into a series of unpleasant episodes for our daily life and for our body?

Choosing the quality for our rest is already a good way to ensure optimal sleep. The purchase of a handcrafted bed like Santambrogio padded beds is an important choice that will accompany us in time thanks to the durability of the product.

It is also good to have a number of fundamental concepts in mind.

The size and parts of the bed

The bed is designed to accommodate a maximum of two people under normal conditions, and by virtue of this must have some minimum requirements; The size of the beds must comply with the minimums that for the double beds consist of a width not less than 1.70 MT and a length of 2.00 mt, with a bed-height including mattress between 50 and 60 cm.

The size of the single beds is usually standard; These must have a width of not less than 80 cm and a length of about 2 Mt; The same rules are valid for the height of the double beds.

In this regard, it should be pointed out that even if there are in the market furnishings defined as beds with smaller measures than those described, they cannot be considered adequate for a prolonged and effective night stay from the point of view of wellbeing Physical returned during sleep.

Another element to consider in the structural composition of the bed are the head and the tread, with variable measurements in relation to the type and style of the bed.

After having listed fundamental concepts and elements related to the standard use and size of the beds, in order to be able to choose with awareness the most suitable type for our needs, it is necessary to dwell on the different characteristics of Mentioned elements and the consequences that these choices bring to our person.

The height of the bed is very important in when you should not forget that the bed needs to be better governed to keep it in order and to guarantee the right hygiene that it needs.

Very low beds are extremely uncomfortable to clean in every part. Even if today with the modern articulated electric brooms it is possible in theory to reach every corner of the part underneath the bed, it is still inconvenient to carry out this operation.

It is equally awkward to make and unmake a bed that is lower than 45 cm, including the mattress. The horizontal plane of a bed is another element to be held in great consideration in the choice; It is good to avoid buying too rigid or too flexible nets, irrespective of the material they are made of.

Single and double bed structure

The specialized market of the sector, offers networks of all kinds in order to satisfy different needs: there are in fact fixed slats nets that are not extractable, adjustable staves networks characterized by the possibility of being able to extract the slats that support On guides can be adjusted and spaced as desired, folding stave nets that have the characteristic of allowing to relax but at the same time to read or watch TV in a comfortable way.

The latter can be folded according to the height that we want and are ideal for those who suffer from problems of blood circulation, walking and digestion.

The Nets can also be roller shutters, that is folding on themselves, allowing in this way to save a lot of space, their movement can be manual or mechanized according to the needs of the user.

From what has been stated, it is clear that the choice of the bed, besides being strictly linked to hygienic-sanitary and ergonomic reasons, is also dependent on the use that it makes of it in relation to the activity, the age and the conditions of health of the user.

Who has the habit of reading often in bed or seeing television or other, will have to consider the adoption of nets with mobile slats. Those who do not have the same economic possibility, but the same requirement as in the previous point, can choose a bed with a headboard more adaptable to the various positions to be assumed.

Who has an excessive weight, finally, or particular postural needs, due for example to diseases, it is appropriate that chooses a mobile slats in order to be able to replace them in case of breakage or to thicken or even thin in relation to their needs.

Single and double beds

The Santambrogio beds are made of non-toxic and natural materials and with the most modern characteristics related to product and manufacture.

The structures of the double beds are in solid wood or plywood in poplar and give the beds a truly unique solidity.
The manufacture is indestructible and the materials used for the coatings can be soft cottons or other types of fabric or leather, faux leather, velvet and even microfiber, for a guaranteed customization!

Even the Santambrogio single beds can have a multiplicity of upholstery, ranging from a vintage style to the classic, or even to the essentiality of modern lines; They are padded beds with non-allergenic, anti-mite and washable materials. In Both cases it is possible to equip the structure of a container drawer that adapts to various space requirements.

Housing Bed Structure

The choice of a container bed for home often helps to solve at least some part problems related to the lack of wardrobes and container spaces, thanks to the use of a surface, that below the bed, which would otherwise be unused.

The Santambrogio container beds are one of the strong points of the company also because of the practical ergonomic mechanism that determines a great simplicity of use.

In the line of the container beds, Santambrogio has really surpassed itself, realizing a perfect mix between the speed of lifting the net, the practicality of the bed itself and the artisan care of every minimum. Like all the upholstered beds of the company Brianzola the upholstery materials are of various nature but always and only of high quality: soft cottons, the upholstery in leather and faux leather.

Rollaway Beds for small spaces

Rollaway beds can be an optimal solution to solve increasingly recurring space problems in modern city apartments.
In an environment of reduced square footage, where the importance and skill of an interior decorator is able to optimize every corner, the Rollaway beds complete the look leaving the functionality of the room, thanks to a minimum encumbrance.

Rollaway beds have been too often bistrattati, or at least relegated to a band considered inferior compared to other more traditional types of bed.

In fact they are extremely functional since they can be installed everywhere: in a bedroom, in the living room or in an open space that needs more space.

Nothing is left to chance: starting from the staves, to move to the structures in solid wood until you reach the non-allergenic materials, and anti mite, becoming common characteristics in the creation of each model of rollaway bed.

Double bed Length: Santambrogio-size beds

To be fully satisfied with the quality and the way in which a bed structure interacts with the surrounding space should be able to count on the purchase of beds made to measure. Santambrogio, for the realization of the on the beds, uses the most modern techniques of workmanship and precious leathers.

Installed in a residential environment, these beds have the ability to create with it a relationship of great harmonic equilibrium, made of modernity and stylistic research that blends with the functionality to create a really interesting product!

Garden Bench Ideas

Some will certainly remember some movies. To others, even more romantic, the Jardin du Luxenbourg and the eternal sweethearts of Raymond Peynet.

The fact is that the bench for the garden is a classic, that never abandons us. Ideal for resting in the shade of some big trees, it can be a solution to the classic sessions, even in a patio or on a terrace.

Among the products on the market, the shapes range from the more classic ones, in wood and wrought iron, to the more modern and technological ones, in new and resistant materials.

One of my favorites is the King bench, by Ethimo.

Classic lines and almost oriental geometries, characterize the structure, in varnished teak wood, which is inspired by a project of the architect Edwin Lutens, of the early twentieth century.

If you are for the color, you will surely like the delicate nuances of Teak and color, the series of furniture and benches from outside, always Ethimo.

Colours that bring to mind the characteristic places of the Italian landscape: Green Langhe, Blue Pantelleria white Ostuni that dress the precious teak of a timeless classic taste, for large and small environments.

Romantic Nothing Hill, the bench that is inspired by the famous session of the film with Julia Roberts a few years ago; A constant and inevitable element in the English gardens, in the parks and in the historical residences, the Notting Hill bench has all the durability of teak, both natural and with a pickled or varnished finish and the linear design perfectly adaptable.

Curious also the version kids, miniature for children.

Definitely more original and modern, Romeo & Juliet The outdoor bench created by designers Koen Baeyens, Stijn Goethals and Basile Graux of Studio Vyyey & Partners, for the Belgian company extremist.

Made using a series of 320 cm long wooden slats, it has the peculiarity of having, along the seat, two circular holes able to accommodate two large fiberglass jars with double function: support the structure and easily accommodate two trees or two Plants, even medium-sized.

It is in wood and/or corian instead, Tandem, the modern garden bench created by Thomas Sauvage for Ego Paris, the French company specializing in outdoor furnishings.

A bench that is part of an entire collection, characterized by a double cylindrical structure with backrests and tables, which can change the configuration to taste. The line that received the Reddot Deisgn Award in 2008, combines an aluminum part and a marine vinyl fabric, in the White Glacier teak or corian finishes.

Interesting, for color and lines, as well as for practicality, also the furnishings of Kartell’s outdoor line. Magic Hole, this is called, consists of armchair and sofa-bench, characterized by dry silhouette and colorful details.

A pocket in fact, with a flared shape, identifies these models, available in a ton sur ton version or in funny Fluo, orange or green colors.

Created by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet, the benches and chairs of the Magic Hole Garden are light and very durable and they also adapt well to terraces, verandas or public spaces.

Intense red and many other colors, however, for the wooden bench designed by Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens, which is part of the bench & Table Collection of the Belgian company FELD. Iroko, painted or lacquered, modeled for tables, seats and small benches, very resistant and particularly comfortable.

If you have a beautiful tree in the garden and want to enjoy the shade during the summer, you can also try a bench around the tree.

As well as comfortable, a teak bench could also serve to enhance a species just planted and maybe not quite grown. Interesting specimens can be found from the wooden garden, in the classic hexagonal shape, or still to be recovered, the shop of Forte dei Marmi (LU), specialized in outdoor furniture and decorations for the garden.

If you have limited budget, but want to give a new face to the bench or the old wooden furniture that you have in the garden, you can always change the color.

Just take the appropriate paints and choose the preferred shade.

First it is good to clean the surfaces on which you will go to act.

After you have also sanded them with a suitable sandpaper, it is better to first give a coat of primer, in order to have more security of fixing the color, and then pass the chosen color.

After a half day of drying, you can proceed with a second hand and finish with a fixative.

For a modern touch to our old bench, in addition to the color, it is possible to match or change the pillows and the textiles. Ethimo proposes interesting, including soft mats, very resistant, which soften and well adapt to the most rough seats.